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Monday, January 31, 2011

These pictures came from my trip to Haiti a month after the earthquake last year.  I'm going to start the blog off adding a few of these a day and begin trying to share my experience.

Border guard on the Dominican side of the border.  Haiti had no guards posted on its side.
I don't know about the gun, but that's a high caliber juice box.

A crack in the middle of the road in residential Port-au-Prince.  About three or four feet deep.

Two of the many buildings which have collapsed.  Quite a few buildings mirror the larger building on the left, a single floor collapsed with the top of the building crashing down but relatively undamaged.


  1. hopefully all of the buildings were already settled...

  2. The buildings were settled if they were left alone, however there were aftershocks so there was no guarantee of safety in any damaged building.

  3. why do things like this happen :/